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A handmade piece of art, sculpted from the finest hardwoods to the highest quality 

A Resin River Paddle is a sculpture for all those who appreciate fine handmade art. Perfect for riverside houses, boat clubs and one of a kind gifts for anyone in the boating/paddle sport industry. These paddles bring a room to life as a display of bespoke art.

Although a few template paddles from The Paddle Shop can be made to order, a truly bespoke paddle is something that can be personal, as well as utterly unique. 

If you're interested in a one of a kind, custom paddle Contact Me Here with your idea and we can work together to create your individual  Resin River Paddle. 

Some Custom Paddle Ideas: 

  • A local river or coastal profile

  • The section of a river or coast you live by

  • Your house name if you live by the river or coast

  • Your company logo or club symbol 

  • A unique profile of a local, natural landmark

  • A river you have travelled down

  • A pattern or design that has significance to you

We can also use any lumber that is on your land/estate to manufacture your Paddle.

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