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Terms and Conditions

Website use 

This website is Intended for use by all above the age of 18 to enjoy, view and shop. Please treat the site with respect and only get in contact for legitimate reasons. Most designs and products made are from original ideas and made by Bill's Workshop, with this in mind you cannot download, share or publish any of the imagery, logos, writing, designs or media of any kind on this site without explicit consent from Billy Goodworth who oversees all branding and social media. We kindly ask if you wish to share any images or media on this site you first get in contact. 

Lead times


As a workshop which makes many of its products to order there are lead times, which is the time it takes to process and create the order before shipping. This means even with fast shipping you may not receive your product immediately. Bespoke pieces take time to make with care and precision, so please enquire with us about our current lead times to have a better understanding of when you would/will receive your product. This statement applies for products on the shop as well as bespoke commissions. 


All deposits are non-refundable to cover time, materials and labour that will have already gone into a piece.

Deposits can apply to any product sold or quoted by Bill's Workshop and usually is 50% of the total fee. The total deposit needed will be clearly shown on your quote, if you cannot see the deposit or would like to enquire if one will be necessary, please get in contact.


Please get in contact with us through the contact page to start the process of quoting for a item to be made or for a commission of any sort, we are always excited to help and advise in anyway possible. All legitimate quotes are applicable to a +/- 20% final invoice variation, some quotes can have a higher % variation this should be clearly clearly stated on your personal quote. As each piece is bespoke, this covers any changes in material costs, time costs, labour or logistical costs within the time frame of your commission/product being carried out. This is to ensure the piece can be fulfilled to its desired finish without any hiccups along the way. Please ensure that you are prepared to pay the full amount inclusive the possible percentage increase on the final invoice fee before confirming that you would like to proceed with the order. 

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

Course terms and conditions 

Our courses are designed to be fun, educational and a break from the outside world set in the Beautiful woodland forge.

if you have any questions about how these courses run then do get in contact to discuss these queries, we are happy to help!

These courses do involve an element of risk of injury. working with hot steel and tools can never be 100% safe, to take part in a bills workshop course you must acknowledge and agree to this danger. although we do pride our health and safety in the forge as well as fully necessary PPE, accidents can happen. 


if you have purchased a course but would like to cancel then please get in touch, if its 6 weeks or more before your course date then you will receive a 95% refund (or 90% for a private course) as transaction fees are deducted before the payment reaches our bank meaning these funds we never receive and therefore cannot refund the full value.

if you wish to cancel a course within 6 weeks of the course then refunds are not possible as materials, time and resources have already gone into making the day possible. 

if you wish to 'change a date' for our courses or swap the person taking part then these are subject to availability and may incur additional admiration fees.

Please get in touch and we are happy to assist in any queries. 

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