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Demonstrations & Workshops

Need to draw a crowd and add an exciting feature to your event? Our professional demonstrations show traditional blacksmithing skills to a new audience while our workshops can enthuse your event with creativity and hands on experience.


With years of experience our demonstrations can be basic or more complex showing the traditional skills with period correct tooling. Ranging from 20minuets to 40minuets our demonstrations teach the audience the key skills a blacksmith must know as well as the history of the craft though the ages. Our demonstrations have so far been performed to crowds of up to 150 people and are always at the heart of the show. Drawing in young and old alike, our blacksmithing demos are great for advertising and help boost numbers through the doors, wanting to watch this now very uncommon sight.

Stonor Park Country Craft Show 2023

Brittan's larges craft show


Bring the blacksmithing experience to your Event! Hands on workshops that are a magnet for any one with a creative spark. From short 20 minuet have a go sessions to in-depth hour plus sessions making BBQ skewers, Blacksmiths knifes and much more! With constant guidance and full PPE we instruct at a 2 students to 1 instructor ratio so we can keep a watchful eye on how forging is going and ensure safe practices are maintained. The pull of these workshops is significant its hard to find shorter gave a go workshops and offer your customers something truly unique that is going to make them come back year after year to your event.

BBQ skewer workshops


Please get in touch to discus our fees as it is all dependant on location, size of set up and number of days. we can then provide a quote and plan for your event.

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