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About Bill's Workshop 


Billy Goodworth 

"Creating products from wood and metal is more than a job or passion, for me, its the way, how, and why I live."

From a young age I've always been hands on. Making basic birdboxes in my childhood has led to a pure passion for working with a raw material or perhaps a basic sketch and bringing it to life. Utilising both wood and metal means I rarely have to outsource materials, as such most pieces can be fully handmade in Bill's Workshop.


The challenge of making new and complex items led to finally going full time in 2022, after 3 years of making unique pieces. Since this, I have further developed the workshop and my personal capabilities. Whether its dining tables, bespoke shelving or one of my sculptures, I give it my all.

Bespoke - Handmade - Quality 

Reclaimed Materials 

Old doesn't mean it's junk. The use of salvaged and reclaimed materials, whether as a raw substance or a discarded product, it can all somehow be reused. Never more prevalent than in today's age by recycling them and putting these materials back into circulation through remaking them, or processing them with a different mindset. This is something I try to involve in as many products as possible. The reason is twofold because its more environmentally sustainable and it includes the history of the material in the product, which brings a unique character to the piece. 


"Creativity is the craftsperson's most useful tool"

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