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Bill's Workshop Documentary 

A Collaboration project between up and coming film maker and photographer Adam Adrian and Bill's Workshop as he documents the workshop in a series of photos, short clips and a short film about the who, how and why of Bill's Workshop.

Bill's Workshop and Between The Trees Films Present: Bill's Workshop.

The short documentary follows the work of young talented woodworker and blacksmith Billy Goodworth, as he shares with us his practice, knowledge and struggles in the craft.

Director & Creator: Adam Adrian

Presenter: Billy Goodworth

Producer: Between the Trees Films

 Music: Dan Follant, Olly West & Adam Adrian

Sound Editor: Peter Adrian & Adam Adrian

The Shorts

The Photos

Behind The Scenes 

A not so serious look behind the lens at film maker Adam Adrian and Presenter Billy Goodworth as they discuss the how and why of the documentary as well as their friendship and all the laughs along the way! 

A Between The Trees production with Bill's Workshop.

Photos by Adam Adrian

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