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Delivery and Returns 


Please contact us before purchase to arrange delivery, delivery is not free 

Most items that are sold on this website are unique, each of which has its own specifications and parameters when it comes to delivery. Therefore, please get in contact for any delivery enquiries about each product. We are happy to help, quote and fulfill deliveries once organised. 

The prices of items in the shop on this website do not include delivery fees, once organised with the customer this will be a separate and additional fee to pay, unless clearly stated otherwise for that product.

Local delivery

Local delivery is applicable to most products sold on the store and may save you some money. It also gives you a chance to meet the maker and have a short chat if you would like some additional history behind the piece or enquire about further products or commissions. There is still a fee to pay with local delivery and will most likely be an evening time slot, to work around the work day for both parties. Local delivery is only applicable to central Berkshire, South Oxfordshire and some of South Buckinghamshire. please get in contact for this service as we are always happy to discuss. 

Refund policy 

We will not offer a refund if: 

- It was known to be faulty when they bought it

- It has been damaged by trying to repair it or getting someone else to do it (though they may still have the right to a repair,                      replacement or partial refund)

- No longer want an item (for example because it’s the wrong size or colour) unless they bought it without seeing it.

- If the product is not used for the intended use, if an item has been repaired or altered once with you as a result of misuse

If an item is faulty or damaged upon arrival (which must be proved it has arrived in such a way and not damaged once in your possession) you have 14 days to get in contact so that we can issue a refund if necessary, the product must first be sent back and if applicable a refund issued, this will not cover return postage/packaging/courier costs.

Online, mail and telephone orders:

Customers have the right to cancel their order for a limited time (14 days from receiving the goods) even if the goods are not faulty. 

The customer must then return the goods within 14 days once you have informed us.

You will then receive a refund within 14 days of receiving the goods back. Providing the items are in the exact conditions they were sent in and are undamaged, unaltered and ready to re-sell.

Repairs and replacements:

If you have ‘accepted’ an item, but later discover a fault, we will repair or replace it.

Our definition of acceptance is as follows: you have told us you have accepted it (having had enough opportunity to inspect the item before confirming you’ve received it). 


We will repair or replace an item if a customer returns it within 6 months but it must be proved that it was a existing fault not a new one created by the customer. Any costs associated with returning the item and resending it will not be reimbursed and is down to the customer to organize and pay. Unless we can prove it wasn’t faulty when purchased, we will ask you to prove an item was faulty when you bought it if you ask for a repair or replacement after 6 months.

No refunds are accepted for commissioned products as they have been tailor-made for the client.

Clients need to check with their local authorities to see if any customs and import taxes are applicable, mostly when buying from outside the UK. Any additional customs and tax payments are the responsibility of the buyer.


Please get in contact if you wish to discuss a refund or repair, we are happy to assist where possible.

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