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Mounted Glass Lenses
  • Mounted Glass Lenses

    Four glass lenses mounted on a steel base, a beautiful antique/curiosity sculpture as well as useable with the lenses being removable. The two smaller lenses are slightly more modern lenses from the 50's while the taller pair are from glass plate cameras from the turn of the century, giveing one a greener apperance while the other is thicker containing air bubbles from when it was hand made!


    Dimentions cm:

    taller: H:49 W: 11 D:11     - 2 avalible 

    Smaller: H:38 W:11 D:11      - 2 avalible 


    lenses: 15cm Diameter 


    Note: Do not place in direct sunlight 

    2 more lenses avalible, made to order 



      PriceFrom £210.00
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