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Small Mushroom Sculptures
  • Small Mushroom Sculptures

    These wonderful small mushroom sculptures perfect for a mantle piece or small console table. Handmade from Reclaimed and Recycled steel in the forge! 


    Each is unique and hand forged so yours will be one off! if you like the style or shape of any on them in the pictures please say which in the 'message to seller' section at the checkout and I will try to incorporate that style more, if not its freestyle! either way they are fabulous, funky and friendly fungi's! 


    Larger ones can be commissioned too for the garden or a large sculpture to fill a space at home!  

    The sizes below are just for scale reference, each is different but will roughly be similar sizes dependant on which you choose.   


    sizes get bigger with more mushroom stems uless requsted otherwise. Sizes between 10-30 cm on your order. Please leave a note with any specific size requierments 


    Hight of mushrooms in pictures 
    -Small single - 11.5cm
    -Small double - 13.5cm
    -larger double - 20.5cm
    -Small triple -13cm
    -Large Four stem - 22.5cm
    -Large Five stem - 20.5cm 

      PriceFrom £12.00
      Expected to ship within 3 weeks
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