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Victorian Plaster Moulding Sculpture - Flame Cluster
  • Victorian Plaster Moulding Sculpture - Flame Cluster

    Theses fantastic sculptures show the patina of over 100 years of handling and use, Each hand-carved for stately homes and manors to produce the decorative elements for celling roses and plaster elements in batch amounts,  (by being filled with plaster then left to cure and extracted- this also means they were carved in the negative! genius!)  . This unbelievable carving, done with only simple hand tools is a true piece of Architectural and design history. After a simerpathetic restoration and the addition of a unique handforged stand these carvings are beatuiful artisitc pieces of antiquity. This Pine moulding is belived to represent a cluster of flames! The hand forged based is gentley textured in apprecence and with a slightly mottled finish to complement the Moudling beautifully.



    H - 51cm

    W - 19cm

    D - 10

      £145.00 Regular Price
      £100.00Sale Price
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