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Victorian Plaster Moulding Sculpture - Ornate Plaque
  • Victorian Plaster Moulding Sculpture - Ornate Plaque

    These fantastic sculptures show the patina of over 100 years of handling and use, Each hand-carved for stately homes and manors to produce the decorative elements for celling roses and plaster elements . This unbelievable carving, done with only simple hand tools is a true piece of Architectural and design history. After a simerpathetic restoration and the addition of a unique handforged stand these carvings are beatuiful artisitc pieces of antiquity.


    Number 42 mould made from a block of Pear wood is incredibly ornate in the style of a Spearhead reminisant of an indian carving with many layers of detail. 

    Number 32 mould made from Pear wood with a pine backing featuring a spiral grapevine with leaves, and a few bunches of grapes/berries, unbelivible detial with the veins of the leaves clarly visible.


    Avalible as a pair featuring the same base design and with the same green colour to the top with a chocolate brown colour to the patina. a awesome mismatched pair. 


    The hand forged based is gentley textured in apprecence and with a slightly mottled finish to complement the Moudling beautifully. 



    H - 55cm

    W - 21cm

    D - 12

      PriceFrom £165.00
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